DSCC spends netroots money… against netroots.

We already knew that the DSCC had dropped $1 million on keeping the netroot’s candidate down in Ohio: now comes word that they’re doing something similar in Pennsylvania.

The DSCC is spending a significant amount of money to ensure a former GOP Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) wins his May 18 primary, sources with knowledge of the move tell Hotline OnCall.

One source said the DSCC is using coordinated funds to help Specter keep a robust TV presence. Ads that tout Specter’s candidacy now say they are paid for by the DSCC; last week, the disclaimers on the same ads indicated Specter’s campaign had paid for them.

Currently, Hotline reports that the DSCC is in the hole for $300K; however, Joe Sestak has a lot of money to spend on the primary, and it looks like advertising is going to intensify in the next two weeks.  This may end up being a very expensive primary, which makes it odd that the DSCC is getting involved by spending anything.  I looked into it: the NRSC also endorses primary candidates, yes – but they didn’t and don’t spend money on ad buys for primary contests.  Given the profoundly defensive nature of the DSCC’s 2010 strategy, you have to wonder why the Democrats are not likewise saving their money for the general elections.

You don’t have to wonder why the DSCC is taking its base’s donation money and using it to fund the campaigns of candidates that the Democratic base dislikes, of course.  They’re doing that because the Democratic base exists to be exploited, nothing more – and everybody knows it.

Moe Lane


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