2 thoughts on ““Over the Hills And Far Away.””

  1. Can’t pick a best ’cause I’m predjuidiced by memories from 1969. I drove my ’69 SS396 Chevelle SuperSport through the Ocala National Forest of Florida with my dealer-option 8-track on full bass blast, windows down.

    Nothing has erased the sensation of being 20, in a big block Chevy, wind whipping my hair and regaled by my car speaker effects of the band’s sounds rolling from one side of the car to the other side of the car, like an emotion travelling from one speaker to the other.

    If I picked anything other than Ramblin’ On (and to a lesser extent Whole Lotta Love–)I would be betraying what I was 40 years ago before “life” caught up with me.

    Somehow, CD technology, when I replaced the 8-track and then vinyl, has not compensated for the wind in the hair, the horsepower, the deep green forest or the essence of being completely carefree and clueless.

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