I sort of agree with Eleanor Clift.

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines) On at least one passage, at least. She wrote an article for Newsweek (yeah, it’s still publishing! Good show, that) where she assured her readers that of course they don’t need to worry about the 2010 election shellacking that the Democrats will be getting in the Senate, because a lot of those elections will be one-offs:

This is an off-year election, and there’s no popular politician with coattails to ride, but the voters are restive, and that’s always dangerous for the party in power.

‘Off-year election.’  Hey!  You mean, like 2006’s was?  And like 2014’s is going to be*?

Moe Lane

*You have to think of these things in the long-term, that’s all that I’m saying.  Just about everything that’s true about the 2010/2016 dynamic is going to be equally true for the 2006/2012 one.

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