#rsrh Where’s Obama on Gaza?

Come on, Glenn: can’t you let the man finish his waffle?

…OK, that’s kind of unfair.  But only kind of: I don’t think that the White House’s/State Department’s muted-support response to Israel’s maintenance of its blockade is the best one.  Israel acted more than appropriately; in fact, I’d say that they went too far in attempting to secure the boats at first using nothing more lethal than paintball guns.  Which I doubt that they’re going to do the next time…

Yes, there’s going to be a next time.

One thought on “#rsrh Where’s Obama on Gaza?”

  1. Well said, Moe! Max Boot in WSJ just said the Jews can never win. Well, they never can win if morons like him fight for the other side. Israel has a PR problem because everyone on the world sides with the Arabs. And now the President of the US sides with the Arabs. We must continue to pound away at the truth and eventually we will win. I truly believe the American public knows the truth. I would like to see our government acknowledge the truth for a change. I hate to see brave Israeli soldiers die so that the PR battle can be won.

    I greatly appreciate your support, Moe.

    Thank you,


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