As ye sow, Nancy, so shall ye reap.

Ace of Spades HQ gives bravery props to the Speaker for snapping back at the Code Pinkers; I don’t.  A mad scientist who can’t face her own creations is no mad scientist at all.

And ‘created’ is meant deliberately. Code Pink was carefully nurtured and developed to spew hatred on command towards the Republican party in general, and George W Bush in particular, the better to elect Democrats who would turn around and not end the war, but would loot the treasury blind. And so it was done; but since we don’t have an euthanasia program in this country, the Democrats instead fairly callously threw them and the rest of the antiwar movement aside like a used prophylactic once they were no longer needed*.

And now they howl and throw things at Democratic functions. I wonder what the next step’s going to be? And I wonder whether Nancy Pelosi will ever accept responsibility for anything… untoward… that happens accordingly?

*The fact that I despise the antiwar movement myself, and am currently enjoying watching flail around literally howling their betrayal (listen to the audio on that YouTube video again), doesn’t actually excuse the Democrats’ behavior. It merely adds to the antiwar movement’s humiliation.

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