*Did* JFK own one?

That’s… a really good question, xkcd.

And check out the alt-text at the link.  He’s right about the Rice speech – although xkcd’s middle alternative sounds like a pretty reasonable thing to do, for given values of ‘reasonable.’

2 thoughts on “*Did* JFK own one?”

  1. I really, really hate to defend Kennedy but it’s worth it to out-nit the nit here.

    First, the map as colored a much clearer north/south line to it if you omit the NATO and Warsaw Pact nations from the battlefields, which was pretty freaking obvious in the context of the speech.

    And second, when the context is actually being used to refer to the inhabited parts of the globe, since you can’t really fight for penguin freedom, I’m not sure why it’s assumed we should be drawing the line at the equator, instead of omitting everything south of Cape Horn and shifting the line up to compensate.

    Third, Turkey should obviously be colored blue not green, even if we don’t do the obvious and omit NATO from the calculation.

  2. As I recall, the USS John F. Kennedy had one in the CO’s inport cabin. It was furnished by Jackie with many of his personal items, presumably including that one. I believe it’s contents were returned to the JFK library in Boston.

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