Confirmed: US to sue Arizona over SB1070.

Via Hot Air, este reportaje que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos va a llevar a las cortes el estado de Arizona sobre la Ley SB1070 de imigrantes ilegales. Aparentemente la Casa Blanca decidió primero divulgar esta noticia a los ecuatorianos, como parte de la visita de la Secretaria de Estado Hillary Clinton a Ecuador; por lo tanto es adecuado reportarlo en español. Depués de todo, no es como si la administración de Obama tenga antecedente ninguno de hablar claro en inglés*.

Thanks to Fausta for the translation: also check out her conversation with IBD’s Monica Showalter on Hillary Clinton being friendly with Ecuadorean President Correa in the first place.  That the American electorate rejects the idea of a federal challenge to the law by a two-to-one ratio is irrelevant to this administration, of course; given their tendency to mistake a tin ear for principles, that’s hardly surprising.  If Rasmussen put out a poll demonstrating that most Republicans and independents oppose the practice of people hitting each other in the groin, it’s highly likely that the White House would react by endorsing it for the 2010 midterms…

Moe Lane

*Since people will complain:

Via Hot Air comes this report that the United States government will be suing the State of Arizona over its illegal-immigration law SB1070.  The White House apparently chose to first break this news to the people of Ecuador, as part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to that country; in light of this, it seems appropriate to report on this in Spanish.  After all, it’s not like the Obama administration has any particular history of straight talk in English.

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  1. I posted the following this morning on your cross-post to RS:

    Hillary made this “announcement” to a Spanish speaking audience in another country one day following the release of this poll:

    The key finding of the poll:

    “The decline in Obama’s approval rating with Hispanics is seen mainly among those interviewed in Spanish: an 11-point drop in the past month and a total of 21 points since January.”

    IMHO, Hillary/Administration knew this would be picked up by non-English media and, in fact, it took more than a week to reach any US blog. This was a way to signal to Spanish as first language Hispanics living in the US (no way to tell whether respondents were legal or not) that the Obama Administration and President Obama in particular were going to fight to keep the AZ law from going into effect and thus keep the borders open.

    Most probably the emphasis that the suit was being ORDERED by Obama at his direction was purposeful and meant to make the target audience feel that Obama is truly on their side. *rolling eyes*

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