NY Dem Donors Discover Elementary Self-Respect.

(H/T: Instapundit) A fascinating bit of trivia for people out there: if you’re a Democrat, and you go  keep telling a group of folks- in this case, Wall Street and other wealthy New York Democratic donors – that they’re unmitigated scum who need to be drained of every drop of their dirty money if they want to avoid being lynched by an angry Mob led by the White House and Congressional Democrats – hey, guess what happens!  They stop giving Democrats money!

No!  Really!  They do!

A perfect storm of events — the recession, Wall Street anger at Washington, donors who feel ignored by the White House and interest group dissatisfaction — has Democrats bracing for a brutal fundraising period and fearful of losing dominance in longtime donor stronghold and megarich New York.

While the exact quarterly figures won’t be known until after the July 15 filing deadline, a number of Democratic campaign insiders said the past few months were a mighty struggle to raise cash for candidates.

I know, I know: based on past history, it would be fair to think that there was nothing that the Democrats could do to harm this particular revenue source (which, by the way, explicitly includes Jewish Democratic donors).  Score one for hypocrisy, really – the Democrats never really ever meant all that rhetoric about Wall Street and the wealthy before.  They might not mean it now, either, but the guy running the Democratic party these days doesn’t actually know how to smooth the feathers he ruffled when he started yammering away about pitchforks and the mob.  In fact, it’s an open question whether the guy realizes that smoothing ruffled feathers is part of a sitting President’s job description when it comes to his own party infrastructure.

I think that Powerline put it best in their title: “Ideas have consequences and so do attitudes.” Indeed. So does arrogance, incompetence, and an uncritical willingness to believe one’s own propaganda.

Moe Lane

PS: One piece of unsolicited advice for the Democratic party.  The second guy quoted in the passage below?

“They were coddled and worked very hard,” said one Democratic donor. “Now, they’re not just told they’re not needed but that they’re part of the problem.”

A Washington Democrat criticized that sentiment as “whining.”

“The New York donor community is all ego driven,” the Democrat said, adding that the complaints were largely coming from people who were complaining about “not getting invited to movie night at the White House.”

Yeah.  Find out who said that, and fire that guy.  He just cost you guys at least another House seat.
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