End of the guns/weed argument?

As in, the double standard argument? – because it’s freaking hard to argue with this logic:

Although Brooks argues – fairly convincingly, I think* – that if you’re going to go with a firearm a .22 target pistol is better for zombie-killing.

Moe Lane

*My major problem with Brooks’ general arguments against using high caliber weapons against the living dead is that I don’t think that he takes kinetic impact fully into account when judging their effects.  The same relative lack of internal body fluids that minimize the effects of hydrostatic shock will also provide a zombie’s internal frame with less structural integrity; and, at any rate, Newton’s Third Law still applies.  If a zombie stops a 20 mm bullet moving at a mile per second (I think that the above’s a M61 Vulcan, but this isn’t my field of study) something’s going to happen that will wreck the zombie’s day; I wouldn’t be shocked if the older ones didn’t get shredded on the spot.

I encourage my readers with military experience to correct any errors.  Again, military weaponry is not one of my fields of study.

5 thoughts on “End of the guns/weed argument?”

  1. That looks like either the 7.62mm Minigun (more common) or 5.56 “Six-Pack” (rather uncommon) version. The Minigun is sometimes used as a door gun on helicopters…the Six-Pack is mainly famous for being Jesse Ventura’s gun in “Predator”.
    Although having EITHER in Twilight: 2000 means a bad day for the bad guys if you can keep it ‘fed.’

  2. As I understand it, a .22 is often used in “mob style” killings because it has enough energy to go into the skull, but not enough to get out. Since zombie lore says destroying the central nervous system is the only sure kill, this sounds about perfect.

    I like the Ruger Mark III target pistol, except for the relatively small magazine. With mine, I can bullseye a regulation target at 25 yards with a little practice; someone with better eye sight and more time at the range can certainly do better. I’d prefer more than ten rounds, but if you have a couple people taking turns and someone reloading, you could probably keep up a high rate of fire all day.

    Plus, .22 ammo is dirt cheap. $25 for over 500 rounds at the local Wal-Mart.

  3. Call me old fashioned, but large caliber is more forgiving. Bigger, faster bullet will break bones if you miss the cranium, so you have more of a chance of slowing the beastie enough for a second shot.

    Those of us with (ahem) modest marksmanship skills appreciate the extra time.

    Personally I’m down with a scoped Garand and a mess of 8-round .30-06 en bloc clips. Hard hitting, quick loading, and enough accuracy to “reach out and touch” Zeke. But that’s me.

    I don’t ever want to be close enough that a Ruger Mk III would be useful …

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