#rsrh David Obewhatshisname talks about something or other.

The title to this article is “David Obey: I Leave More Discontented Than I Started.”

To which I reply: just as long as you leave, coward.  Admittedly, it’s a convenient cowardice for the country.  While it would have been brave for David Obey to stick around and try and fix the short- and long-term damage that he and his fellow-Democrats have done to the Republic, well, it’s nothing like certain that he would know how.  So… less whining and more packing, David Obey.  The world lusts to forget your name.

Still, Obey did a nice job blaming everybody except himself on his way out the door.  As Stacy McCain noted, Paul Krugman found that really useful: Krugman is clearly itching to start up a good auto-de-fe in the Democratic party in 2011, and Obey’s commentary will be perfect for going after the first marrano

Moe Lane