Keep spending that campaign cash, Rangel.

I beg to differ with JammieWearingFool: I heartily approve of Rep. Charlie Rangel’s (D, NY-15) spending decisions.

Charles Rangel’s legal bills are piling up as high as the campaign cash he’s raking in to pay for his ethics defense.

That leaves the Harlem Democrat with no choice but to run for, and win, a 21st term in the House to keep raising campaign money to pay legal fees – which top $1.7 million, records show.

You see: as of June 2010, Rangel has $517K on hand to cover both his primary and the general election.  That is not a good number, particularly if you’re becoming exceedingly politically radioactive.  The Republican party has a good recruit for this race – Rev. Michel Faulkner, who I interviewed here (donation link here) – this cycle*; so there’s a chance that we can pull a Cao, assuming that Rangel manages to fight his way clear of the primary.  Which I think that he will.

Thus, it is in the best interests of the Republic that Rangel continue to burn through campaign money in order to pay his legal bills.  Not in the best interests of the Democratic party, of course – but then, the differences between the two will probably be a minor theme of this election.

Moe Lane

*That’s why, by the way, you put up a candidate in every race that you can.  Chance favors the prepared mind, and all that.

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