I’m going to disagree with xkcd here…


…there’s going to be a dividing line of about 1920 or so; prior to that, they won’t have enough audio/video recorded material to get a good gestalt of the time periods involved. For that matter, I expect linguistic drift to slow down a good deal, now that we increasingly have the ability to hear how our great-grandparents talked.

3 thoughts on “I’m going to disagree with xkcd here…”

  1. You really think linguistic drift will slow down?


    (I think if anything it will speed up as an increasingly illiterate society chases fads.)

  2. I dunno. Even though we may have the ability to hear our historical language as it was spoken, the question remains if we will choose to listen to it.

    As Munroe more or less alludes to in the overlay, only a few people ever really do care to delve that deep into finding and fixing anachronisms.

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