Rasmussen: 9% of USA in coma.

I’m frankly impressed that Rasmussen was able to poll them anyway on tax policy. I’ve known for a while that pollsters would dearly love to be able to bypass the brain’s censor circuits and find out what the American voter really thinks; I’m just mildly surprised that research along those lines has paid off so early.  Then again, if you’re in a coma you probably will see a tax decrease, at that – so are they even wrong?

Forty-four percent (44%) of U.S. voters still expect their taxes to increase under President Obama, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Just nine percent (9%) think their taxes will go down, and 39% expect them to stay the same.

Better and better, the percentage of people who have made a rational assessment of this administration’s tax policy has risen by a third in just a year and a half (in 2008, only 31% thought that our taxes would go up). Nice to see that we’re having an impact.  Or that the administration’s antics are.  Hard to say, really.

If you drill deeper down, you’ll find that a majority of Mainstream (Rasmussen’s term for ‘normal’) class voters think that their taxes will go up, while a majority of Political (Rasmussen’s term for ‘self-identified elitist’) class voters think that their taxes will stay about the same. Hopefully, this will make you feel better about the 39% generally who expect their taxes to say the same; a large number of them are actually still reachable.  The others… are not.  Don’t worry about it over-much, mostly because there’s no point anyway.

Moe Lane

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