#rsrh Top Ten Signs of DOOM.

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We’re not there. Yet. But the election is three months away, and the Democrats never thought that things would look like this when they oh-so-confidently planned their strategy a couple of years ago.  Karma’s kind of fun when it isn’t you taking the hit, isn’t it?

Some of the below are serious, some are… less so; but if you hear enough of them, you’ll know that Election Night is going to be bad for the Democrats.

  1. The response of every Democrat to every Republican question or comment becomes, semantically speaking, “George W. Bush.”  Up to and including “What are the visiting hours for the art gallery?”
  2. The Democrats start talking up “scandals” involving Republicans that wouldn’t even get you a verbal reprimand at your job if you did them.
  3. A Democratic legislator snaps and attempts to strangle someone.  On camera.
  4. The usual suspects start talking about how important it is to keep the Republicans from being able to overturn vetoes.
  5. All talk of the filibuster dies the True Death.
  6. The DSCC starts funding the New York races.
  7. The DCCC starts funding urban House races.
  8. We see a week of “Will the Republicans try to impeach the President?” stories in the media. Or a month of them.
  9. A convoluted theory appears that tortuously ‘proves’ that the Democrats are actually going to gain seats, really.  It will involve three random trends whose relationship with each other is not immediately obvious.  It will have a buzzword.  Every site on the Left will talk it up for two weeks.  It will then disappear without a trace.
  10. “Of course we’re going to keep Congress.  GOTV will save us.”

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  1. #10 WILL work if every polling place isn’t watched and every ultra-close vote count isn’t challenged.

  2. While you think that #3 is an exageration, that may not be the case. We almost had it come true with the delightfully named Rep. Anthony Weiner going after Rep. Peter King on the floor of the House. And it’s just August. By October nerves will really be frayed.


  3. You missed the most important desperation ploy in the Democrat playbook: someone will accuse a random Republican — Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, it doesn’t matter who — of racism.

  4. #10… [It will involve three random trends whose relationship with each other is not immediately obvious.]

    Charlie Cook, today:
    “It appears that the two-week Democratic jump was the kind of statistical aberration that occurs even in the best of polling.”

    make that “two” random trends.

  5. No kidding! I just read a story in “The State” a/k/a “The Snake” – the struggling mainstream media paper in South Carolina – that attempted to bash SC gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley for having filed for extensions so that she could submit her tax forms after April 15. There is NOTHING illegal or immoral about this, and there was no indication that she had not paid every penny that she owed to the IRS. As the article said, that would not have earned even a verbal reprimand.

  6. Much like the Six phases of Democrat Defeat

    1) “The Republican is not a threat, this is a Blue seat.”
    2) “The Republican popularity is strictly with the far-right wing wackos, there are not enough of them voting to matter.”
    3) “The Repug is close, but we still have tons and tons of slime to use on him, plus calling him names and making up stuff. Have the DNC send over a couple mil and some of their best thugs.”
    4) “Behind? We can’t be behind! Dig up the graveyards, start up the ballot printing presses, bring out Acorn, twist arms at the newspapers, lie like a rug!”
    5) “Lost? Protest and sue, slip in new ballots, have ballots ‘discovered’, recount, scream discrimination, punch out chads, disqualify military absentee ballots.”
    6) “Obviously blame must be laid at the feet of ______ (anybody but me)”

    We saw this with Coakley and Gore. I hope we see it a lot more.

  7. WRT #5: The way I see it, once Democrats know they’re in electoral trouble the filibuster will cease to be a tool to thwart the will of the poeple as expressed by their elected officials and will become a vital means to prevent an unrestrained majority from running roughshod over the minority.

  8. Hi, Moe,
    Most of my leftwing friends have been all over #1 for over a year and a half now, so I don’t think that’s much of an exaggeration. It’s gotten to where my wife and I, whenever someone makes a booboo around the house, use the catchphrase “I blame George Bush.”

  9. “dies the True Death”? Is that subliminal message to Zelazny fans? If so, kudos.

  10. stages of grief…

    every time they get to the 2nd stage, they cycle back to the first.

    so the dems lose the house, and a pollster calls them up and asks them about the economy…

    I’d love to hear that answer.

    This is like watching the second term of bush, below 50, he loses the congress, and the bottom falls out on his approval.

  11. The dirty dozen points of the lunatic-left d-crat socialist campaign strategy…..

    Yes we did:

    1. Shaft the American people with our healthcare nationalization, rationing, abortion and taxation atrocity.
    2. Shaft the future of Americans by creating a massive multi-trillion dollar debt that will stifle the American economy for generations.
    3. Shaft American citizens by supporting ILLEGAL immigrant criminals over American citizens.
    4. Shaft American taxpayers by letting the Bush tax cuts expire, thus enacting the largest TAX INCREASE in American history.
    5. Shaft white Americans by allowing Black Panther thugs the freedom to physically intimate white voters at polling places.
    6. Shaft American workers by enacting incompetent, phony, wasteful pork-filled solutions to the economic crisis that have INCREASED unemployment and prolonged the crisis.
    7. Shaft one of America’s most loyal allies, Israel, again, and again, and again, and again, and……
    8. Shaft American freedom by proactively helping and supporting radical islamic jihadist terrorists, and kissing-up to muslims who hate America.
    9. Shaft America’s security by refusing to protect our country from the massive invasion of ILLEGALS, TERRORISTS and others that easily cross our unsecured borders.
    10. Shaft America with actions and policies that promote and enact a racist agenda.
    11. Shaft the U.S. Constitution with the 2 worst ever nominees for SCOTUS: a la raza extremist and a third-rate political hack.
    12. Shaft federal law by illegally offering government jobs to at least 2 d-crats to get them to stop their election campaigns, regardless of the desires of voters.

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