#rsrh I TOLD you Rangel was a Gnostic!

I TOLD all of you. But did you listen? No. I was ignored. Ignored! But it’s downright obvious by now.  Don’t believe me?  Well, below is Charlie Rangel, explaining why he decided not to take a plea bargain:

How lucky are you when God tells you that you don’t have to take a plea … that you can tell them, let the facts speak for themselves.”

Fronting reporters later, Rangel changed his tune somewhat about any divine guidance he may have received, the New York Daily News reported.

“I exaggerated. I really didn’t talk to God … I said that in the heat of the campaign but no, she hasn’t spoken to me recently,” he said.

Bolding mine. With this use of the feminine pronoun Rep. Rangel’s clearly referring to Sophia there, which as everybody knows is one of the feminine manifestations of what Gnostics consider to be the true Godhead (not the Demiurge that created the world in mainstream Gnostic thought, of course).  It thus follows then that Rep. Rangel is engaging in a personalized metaphor where his life represents the entanglement of the soul in the corruption and dross materiality of this flawed universe; but just when it seems that the soul is trapped forever, Sophia comes to reveal to it an alternative to submitting to gross reality.  You can instead embrace the true, ethereal nature of the soul, and allow yourself to be in the corporeal world, but not of it – which will then allow you to suffer the physical world’s outrages and offenses against you as the meaningless acts that they are.  When it comes right down to it, this is pretty solid mysticism, here; and it’s also pretty brave of Rep. Rangel to demonstrate the worthlessness of the physical universe by using himself as the metaphysical canvas.  Truly, this man is an inspiration to esoteric adepts everywhere.

Alternatively, Charlie Rangel’s an idiot.

Moe Lane

PS: Michel Faulkner for Congress.