‘Revolution in the air,’ forsooth.

Today’s conservative pick-me-up of liberal gloom and despair comes from Brent Budowsky, whose I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-the-blackest-irony piece in the Hill (called “Revolution in the air:” again, forsooth) will provide you with a piquant, yet filling, compliment to your coffee-and-beverage. Budowsky has come to the realization that a: there is an epic-level anger out there with the people running things into the ground and b: everybody is extremely aware that the Democrats are the ones running things into the ground, and he’s almost as angry with the Democrats for putting him in this spot as he is with the Republicans for not having the common courtesy of killing our families, then ourselves, in a mass suicide cult. Budowsky has a solution, of course (these guys always have a ‘solution’): he thinks that the Democrats “should cancel the week of recess before Labor Day, go to the floor of Congress and fight for American jobs, rally the party base, and go to the country with a campaign worthy of the Democratic Party.”  And then they can ride their Magical Pretty Space Princess Unicorns across the land and transform all those naughty Unemployments into Goodjobs with their Rainbow Sunshine Keynesian Wands!

Oh, wait, this is Earth. So what the Democrats will do instead is hide from their constituents, blame everything on George W. Bush, and get shellacked in November by a voting public ready to have adults with a functioning spine back in charge of fiscal policy.

Well, that works too.

Moe Lane

PS: ‘No difference between the parties,’ my eye:

Don’t embarrass yourself by pretending that this is meaningless.

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