#rsrh Why I shouldn’t be POTUS.

I was thinking about the illegal immigration thing, and I suddenly had a thought: if I was the President, I would build a damn fence along the southern border and partially pay for it by trading a green card to any qualified illegal immigrant who was willing to commit to work at least ten hours a week to help build it. With extra green cards to family members for extra hours of work and/or completing the project ahead of schedule.

Yeah. It’d be a shorter list if I wrote down all the groups that this proposal wouldn’t piss off.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Why I shouldn’t be POTUS.”

  1. With 99 weeks of unemployment, there’s an awful lot of “workfare” that could be accomplished with the money we’re ALREADY spending.

    You want more than 60 days of unemployment? NO PROBLEM. We’ll bus you to and house you down at the border for full-time work on the border fence.

    Don’t want to do that? I hear Wal-Mart may be hiring for greeters…better hurry though, positions are filling fast.

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