#rsrh So voters are ‘sour,’ Sen Schumer?

Sour and not recognizing your greatness and not properly appreciative of all the wonderful things that your party has done to them. And you’re very, very, very indignant that they’re not running around singing your praises… and more importantly, that they’re not planning to particularly vote for most of your colleagues.  So I guess that means that, instead of the voters not really caring about those little, porky amendments:

…what actually happened is that they didn’t really care for those amendments.


Anyway, Hot Air’s ‘looking forward’ to you running the Democratic side of the Senate next year; my hope that you won’t be able  to do is not quite dead.  After all, we’ve gotten CT-SEN down to single digits already and it isn’t even Labor Day yet.  Hey: can’t win if you don’t bloody try…

Moe Lane