#rsrh Eloquent? In what universe?

This is a perfectly acceptable article about the problems facing the President over his position on the Ground Zero mosque*; but I’m going to pushback on one, specific point.

White House aides have spent four days trying to explain exactly where the normally eloquent president stands on the mosque.

President. Obama. Is. Not. Eloquent.   He merely reads a speech well (for a non-actor).  The then-candidates 2008 media appearances were carefully scripted: his use of a teleprompter is at this point infamous; his extraneous manner of speaking is actively cringeworthy; compared to his two immediate predecessors, the President has the charisma of a radish; there’s a very good reason why President Obama avoids open-question press conferences like the bubonic plague; and his most famous catchphrase (which I viciously threw back in his face here) is a ripoff of Bob the Builder.

So can we stop pretending otherwise? It kind of annoys. Or peeves.

*For the record; move the blipping thing six blocks away and I’ll stop caring.

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