Ciro Rodriguez’ (D, TX-23) campaign site much improved.

No, really: why bother having a campaign site supporting your re-election bid, when instead you can have a parked site peddling automatic diallers and coroplast signs? Given the current election climate, honestly, that sort of thing is likely to give a Democratic politician more return on his or her investment anyway.

I especially enjoy the part where the guy’s wearing an elephant head. It’s actually quite accurate, in its way: pretending to be a Republican is the best way for a Democrat to win or keep an R+4 district these days.

Seriously, though: what kind of nincomp… ah, ‘fellow’… lets his campaign site’s domain expire, and not do anything about it for three days? Or is the answer to that just “One who knows that he’ll be looking for work in January 2011 anyway”?

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, that’s really his site.

PPS: Yes, that’s the guy who yells at constituents.

PPS: Hey, you know who in TX-23 has a working campaign website? Francisco Canseco!

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