#rsrh Pew: Voter ID down to Dem+4.

The Charles Blow article that references this Pew poll is otherwise irrelevant – read it only if you want to watch a liberal Democratic pundit try to rail against a demographic group (Jews) going Republican without being able to resort to the usual epithets – but this is kind of important.  Below are the voter ID percentages for Republicans and Democrats, according to Pew:

’06 41 49 -8
’08 39 51 -12
’10 43 47 -4

Why is this important? Because it’s consistent with both Rasmussen’s and Gallup’s recent numbers.  Which in turn implies that the Democrats are not successfully bringing in 2008 voters, which implies that any electoral model that assumes 2008 voter percentages is, well, bunk.  But that only should worry the Democrats if they’re making money decisions based on the last election cycle…

Oh.  Right.


Moe Lane

PS: Notice that everybody is burying the lede on this one.