#rsrh Not dead yet.

That’s the message (via RCP) of this article about the premature death announcement of conservatism. I will only note that they certainly had us down on one knee, at one point; fortunately, progressives fight like Braxton Bragg did after Chickamauga. Which is to say, no killing instinct and with plenty of backbiting along the way; it’s a damned good thing that we were able to knock the Democrats back on their heels in the GA-SEN runoff and the two late LA elections.  If they had won those and Specter had then flipped in time for the start of the 111th Congress, the GOP caucus might not have unified… well, no need to fret over things that can never happen, now.

Still, good thing to remember for November: the fight doesn’t stop when the other guy’s on the ground.  Although I suspect that the author of the WSJ piece doesn’t really want me to point that out.