‘Zombie’ cows seems a bit much.

(Via @eddiebear) ‘Revenant’ cows – what does Firefox mean, “revenant” is a misspelled word!?! NO, IT IS NOT!  It is in the damned dictionary and everything.  Dear sweet God, but I am tired of dealing with spell-checking software written by people with less command of the English language than myself.  There’s no excuse, you know: if “squamous” passes muster, so should “revenant.”

Anyway, they’re apparently cloning cow meat.  Why this should be an issue for anybody is a bit of a mystery: if the stuff isn’t poisonous, isn’t mutagenic – DAMMIT, THAT’S A WORD TOO – isn’t a breeding ground for exciting new diseases, and tastes all right, I’m missing the problem.  Even if the stupid things do revive and start shuffling around for prey: I’m not a cow, which means (pretty much by definition) that I wouldn’t have to worry about the dangers of post-necrotic anthropophagy.

OK, that one I admit that I had to look up the right spelling.

6 thoughts on “‘Zombie’ cows seems a bit much.”

  1. Waitaminnit. Zombie cows wouldn’t be anthropophages, they’d be, um . . . bovophages?

    But when you think about it, good ol’ fashioned slow zombies do sound a bit like a herd of cows.

  2. Thanks for the link Moe. It disturbs me because I am inherently anti-zombificiation. I want to destroy zombies, not eat them. It must be said however that I did in fact quit eating beef for 3 days but on the 4th ate a large medium rare T-bone. So it apparently does not disturb me that much. Still… it’s weird. Mainly because the guy they interviewed used the word… REANIMATE when referring to the process.

  3. Hmmm… If there hadn’t already been a zombie sheep movie, one about zombie cows could be entertaining.

    Not zombie chickens, though.


  4. I leave the spill chucker on because it helps me spot the typos resulting from my poor skills on a lousy keyboard. Its vocabulary definitely sucks, though.

    Zombie cows would suck worse. My cow weighs around 1500 lb. and is hard enough to keep inside the fences as it is. I am, however, right behind the development of “vat protein” a la H. Beam Piper, Lois Bujold, and others. For one thing, it’s unlikely to be tough.


  5. I read this to the dogs and they want to know if there be bones in this zombie cow meat? If there are no bones my dogs vote no! And my dogs are smarter than the average Democrat Congresscritter.

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