First OH-GOV Kasich/Strickland debate tonight.

For those so interested; it’ll be on tonight at 8 PM EST. The live video feed should be available via this link; if not, check here. I spoke with the John Kasich campaign today: they fully expect Strickland to keep playing the anti-NAFTA card while steadfastly ignoring the fact that Strickland is heavily dependent on Bill Clinton (the Big NAFTA Dog himself) to somehow save him from his current slow-motion defeat. They also expect John to consume Ted Strickland’s liver raw on national television, although they didn’t exactly put it in quite those terms.

Or anything really like those terms at all, really.

OK, they were just feeling confident about how the debate was going to go. I suppose that talking about eating livers raw and stuff would probably get too many complaints from the FDA.

Moe Lane

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