Coons vs. Coons in ‘Biden seat’ rhetoric!

Compare and contrast:

“It’s often said that this is Joe Biden’s seat. It’s not. It’s Delaware’s seat.”

This would have been a fine statement by Chris Coons (D-CAND, DE-SEN) in last Thursday’s debate*… if only he believed it. You see, one of the people that have often said that the seat in question was “Joe Biden’s seat” is… Chris Coons (D CAND, DE-SEN).

We cannot let Joe Biden’s seat fall into ultraconservative hands…

Olliander (H/T) aptly sums up the entire thing with the title “Chris Coons is a liar who obviously reads my blog:” I will merely add that it’s a sad thing when you see somebody like this be so soul-destroyingly lustful just to get a Senate seat. Chris Coons can’t even keep track of how he’s supposed to be pandering to his audience – for the record; it’s smarter to pander to Delaware voters than it is to netrooters – and so he procures a reputation for rampant hypocrisy right away.

Not smart. Then again, Coons once found Communism attractive, which is kind of diagnostic…

Moe Lane

PS: Christine O’Donnell for Senate. [SFX]

*Which The Hill summed up as O’Donnell holding her own, which is media-speak for “the Republican unexpectedly won.”

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  1. Repeal the 17th Amendment, make it Delaware’s seat for real.

    Progressives are the ones who tilted the scale with their butts on this one.

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