#rsrh He left out ‘derivative.’

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[Oops: H/T Hot Air Headlines] In the process of whining about why a bunch of apparatchik bureaucrats and tawdry identity-politicians can’t come up with a better logo for their party than their current one – which is, by the way, one good Photoshop from looking like the overhead view of an urinal* – this guy ever-so-wistfully sighed:

Remember that glorious day on the Mall in January?

In point of fact, we do.

Really… sets the tone to what came after, doesn’t it?

Moe Lane

*Believe me, I tried. But I’m not a graphic artist.

10 thoughts on “#rsrh He left out ‘derivative.’”

  1. A friend of mine observed that with clever photoshopping of 4 fingers on either side, their logo could look like something out of goatse.cx.

  2. LOL at the comments there. I particularly like the 2nd one:

    “its got the “D”, its got the “O”, all that is missing is the “A””

    DOA. Can’t think of a better description of the Democratic party right now.

  3. Well, the whiny journolist said he may be thinking of moving to Canada. If Obungler and the majority of the Kleptocrat Party follow, I’d say that new logo is paying dividends already.

  4. The Restoring Honor rally really set the bar for how civilized people treat their national monuments. I wonder if we’re going to this level of abuse after the 10/2 rally the unions are throwing?

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