#rsrh Gloria Allred: long-time Brown supporter.

I can’t read the linked article, but California Watch (H/T Chaos Party) can – and they report that Allred was involved with Jerry Brown’s first gubernatorial bid, too.  CW also reports that Allred has a history of relatively small but consistent contributions to Brown and other Democratic candidates over the years.  Judging from the Whitman thing, I suppose that means that Allred prefers to donate time and labor instead of money.

Moe Lane

PS: Meg Whitman for Governor.

One thought on “#rsrh Gloria Allred: long-time Brown supporter.”

  1. It’s really interesting. I would never hold Greta up as a poster child for Conservatism. she is and has been an advocate of liberal causes. Never the less, give credit when it’s due! She has tried to be concise and thorough in her reporting. She has tried to keep her personal feelings out, preferring to let the news take her where it may. In this instance, however, she let her feelings out and good for her! She is first and foremost a lawyer by profession. when she laid into Alred and reminded her that she (Greta) had taken on more liberal causes legally and in effect denounced Allred for putting another bad slant on the profession, i would like to have patted her on the back! Good even reporting combined with being insulted by a out of control loonie. Great work Greta!

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