#rsrh Moonbeam Brown: cops can’t read!

Legal Insurrection noted this little detail from Brown’s Whore Incident, and it’s well worth noting: Brown doesn’t like him the police departments very much.

Beginning at 3:10 of the audio, Brown and his aides begin a discussion of Whitman’s proposed budget cuts.  A female voice says “Yeah, Jerry, we’ve got to focus on the police chiefs, we got to get them [inaudible].”  Another female voice in the background says “[Inaudible] I just want to make sure we talk about this.”  Brown then says (at 3:20):

“I’m going to hit that out of the park, not that they read.”

Charming guy, huh?  And by ‘charming’ I mean ‘sneering elitist who probably looks down on any person who voluntarily agrees to risk taking a bullet in the pursuit of protecting society.’  Hey, I like to pack a lot of meaning into my words…

Moe Lane

PS: Whitman for Governor.

One thought on “#rsrh Moonbeam Brown: cops can’t read!”

  1. I saw that. Ridiculous and arrogant. I’ve been checking out comments on the various Brown stories this morning, and he is not getting the love. Oh sure, a bunch of young dudes are not finding it a big deal that the w-word was used, but most other people do and most people seem to appreciate her support of the police and fire unions on the grounds that they do specialized security work for low wages and the pension is the pay off. I would agree with that assessment.

    But CA-NOW endorsing Brown the day after the “wh0re” story really takes the cake. Because of that, Brown’s record is coming back to haunt him.

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