#rsrh Shorter Nate Silver…

…”I don’t dare tell you how bad it’s going to be in the House this year.”

Sorry: it’s just that this shtick of his gets annoying sometimes, you know [two paragraphs of peevish mutterings deleted*.]?

Moe Lane

*Essentially, I was addressing the perennial problem with Silver – which is that he never tells you anything that you didn’t already know.  It was a pretty boring rant, really.

4 thoughts on “#rsrh Shorter Nate Silver…”

  1. Silver is just another lefty pundit. He has the grace to be embarrassed when his math is wrong, however.

    So yes, nowadays he’s hanging his hat on Republicans getting “anywhere from 17 to 78 seats.”

    Congratulations, Nate. I can do that with a dartboard.

    I also think his 78 is too low, but that’s just my opinion. He wants more data, of course…but even Nate has to know the tsunami that will end the Dems is coming.

  2. Aw, leave him alone, Moe. The uncertainty margin is all he has. It’s all I had in 2008. Let him hope a while longer, and dream his dreams of a majority comprised of dancing blue sugar-plums.

  3. I wish he’d shut up about politics and go back to writing about baseball. The Baseball Prospectus hasn’t been the same since he left. 🙁

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