#rsrh I have to echo…

…the major criticism of this article about the Obama administration’s DNC’s (really, what’s the difference these days?) decision to brand the US CHAMBER OF FRICKING COMMERCE* as un-American and a threat to our democracy:

The Democratic National Commitee is using the same sort of tactic and logic that Sen. Joe McCarthy used in the 1950s: Level a headline-grabbing and unsubstantiated charge, like the State Department is filled with communists, and then say it is up to the State Department and the employees so charged to prove it is not true.

…it’s wrong to compare the US CoC with the Truman-era State Department, even by inference.  There were Commies in the latter.

Moe Lane

PS: See more here.  Particularly the parts about all that foreign money that the Obama campaign raked in, back in 2008.

*When I told my not-nearly-as-political-as-I-am wife about this over breakfast she goggled.  She actually goggled.  It was fascinating to watch.