#rsrh Ah, gun-grabbers.

It’s a bit of a trek to get to (from here to here to here to here to here), but this illustration of why people who get into religious* hysterics over firearms really need to actually learn something about them first is worth it.  I won’t spoil the joke; suffice it to say that the gun-grabber led with her chin, then followed it up with a Sam Katz move.


OK, not really on that last one, but that was too good a campaign ad (?) to pass up.  It’s Canadian anyway, so it doesn’t really count.

Moe Lane

*Choice of adjective deliberate, and delivered with malice aforethought.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Ah, gun-grabbers.”

  1. I will do a follow-up post on the effects of a tertiary Instalanche. The spike on my sitemeter is dramatic following the link (link chain, really). God help me if he ever links to me directly.

    Dealing with Joan Peterson is frustrating. I can only hope that by the time we are done with her, she will be unable to make a serious statement in public without risking us discrediting her by quoting her from her blog.

  2. It’s a good choice of adjective seeing that people like that have a fanatical belief that the next set of gun bans will make criminals suddenly behave.

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