#rsrh The dependent independent Feingold.

Gail Collins of the NYT wants to know why Wisconsinites are poised to throw Democratic Senator Russ Feingold – a man whom she categorizes as ‘independent’ – out of office in favor of Ron Johnson.

Ask me an easy one. It’s because this self-proclaimed ‘independent’ is a big-government liberal who voted for a stimulus that’s hurt employment, a cap-and-trade bill that would have gutted American industry and business, and a health care monstrosity that seems almost designed to kill off old people in carload lots*. Add to that the minor detail that Feingold is personally responsible for one of the worst assaults on the First Amendment in recent history**, and, well, he’s earned his bad electoral karma.

Since Gail asked.

Moe Lane

*It also seems designed to kill the careers of every at-risk Democrat who was fool enough to vote for the stupid thing, but that’s another post.

**I’m sure that John McCain can win re-election all on his own without my help. Not that he has a choice, bluntly.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh The dependent independent Feingold.”

  1. Like most in Establishment Politics, the lady thinks of everything in terms of getting the Federal Government to do things for you, including giving you money. If you’re looking to get stuff from the Feds, you need seniority (=clout and experience) in your Senators and Representatives, and getting rid of Feingold would be a horrid mistake from that viewpoint.

    Ms. Collins cannot even conceive of people who want the Federal Government to stop doing things to them.


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