#rsrh I did not vote for Barack Obama.

I note this to distinguish myself from Ann Althouse and Joe Sudbay, as both of them did.  I regretfully point this out with regards to the former, if not necessarily the latter; I’m as exasperated as she is that the President is being hypocritical when it comes to DADT, same-sex marriage, and pretty much everything else that falls under the category of ‘gay rights.’  And I suppose that I have a certain detached sympathy for the way that the questions that Sudbay asked on this topic were generally answered by the rhetorical equivalent of the metal end of a belt to the face.

Very detached.  As I’ve already noted, I didn’t vote for the man, and Sudbay belongs to a site that likes to reflexively blame Republicans for everything from the eventual heat death of the universe to the general lack of the McRib sandwich.  I’m not about to pretend that I’m a Buddha or anything.

Moe Lane

Via Cynthia Yockey, who I believe also didn’t vote for Obama.

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