So, I voted.

I was expecting the crawlspace filled with broken glass, and I was kind of expecting the timed lava eruptions (extra points to the technicians for programming them to the beat of ‘Ice Ice Baby’ instead of ‘Under Pressure;’ you almost got me). I will even stretch the point and concede that the inscribed riddle on the central plinth could have reasonably been taken as meaning ‘jump to the left when you reach the crystal walkway.’ But the cybernetic alligators with neurotoxin-tipped tails? That was going a bit far. I can’t be the only person in my district who had to bring my kids along.

Still, I did vote. No way was I missing this chance to make my disapproval known.

2 thoughts on “So, I voted.”

  1. I am going to engage in a highly symbolic act of washing and vacuuming my SUV before I go and vote in person.

    …and then I shall go home and kill some creatures in the Mojave Wasteland until it is time to pop the champagne.

  2. I’m with HeartbreakRidge. I did laundry today. Lots and lots of laundry. And BTW, Moe, you do know you avoid most or all of those polling place hazards when you vote absentee, right?

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