#rsrh Pelosi to go for House Minority Leader?

I understand that she’s not particularly rooted in objective reality – progressive Democrat, and all that – but surely somebody told her that this is a bad idea, yes?

…I was going to try to talk sense into the future-just-another-backbencher-Congresswoman-from-Frisco about this; but heck, this is the best darn idea that I’ve heard come out of the woman since she inflicted her presence on us back in the beginning of the decade. Yeah, go ahead and run, Nancy. Scramble for the scraps of your former power and be the butt of contemptuous pity by every player in Washington. If I had suggested this tactic, I’d be (rightfully) condemned as a sadist; but you want to do it all on your own, so have fun with that.

Moe Lane

11 thoughts on “#rsrh Pelosi to go for House Minority Leader?”

  1. My guess is that if she runs, she gets it. And she and Reid will be the face of the Democrat Party for the *next* 2 years!

    What?! – Do these guys want to be reduced to 40 Senate and 150 House seats after 2012?! Because, with they way they’re going, that’s where they’re going to end up…

  2. OMG! Can I pretty please, with sugar on top, have Reid and Pelosi as the faces of the Democratic Congress for the next 2 years? It’s really too much to ask for that Obama will be forced to share the stage in 2012 the woman whose approval rating with Independents is 8%. 8%!

    It can’t be true. I haven’t been that good of a boy, and it’s not even Christmas yet.

  3. After their biggest beat-down in 80+ years, there’s no way the Democrats are going to double-down on the current leadership.


    Is there?

  4. Won’t happen. Even with the decimated Blue Dog population in DC, and even with the proportions of “progressives” boosted, I can’t imagine swing-state clingers or centrists of any stripe are going to vote for Pelosi after spending six months actively denying any allegiance with her. And Obama can’t possibly want a left-wing gadfly poking at him all the time from the House, powerless but loud. I don’t see what institutional pressures exist for her to retain leadership except good old-fashioned inertia. And the inertial opinion is that Nancy Pelosi is a political weight on the Democratic party.

  5. With a little bit of luck, her pitch will be “You have to elect me as minority leader to find out what I’ll do.”

  6. I’ve already seen it argued that Pelosi is “hated” because she’s a woman, and not because of any substantive differences she and the American Public might have with each other. I have no doubt whatever that the Dems are in deep denial about why they lost.

    I think the Blue Dogs lose some more and San Fran Nan gets to be Minority Leader. This means a return to 2002-2006 in the House. Yay?

  7. Haha, she’s doing it! I halfway take back what I said above — not because it’s not true, but it’s a lot more likely now since I didn’t see many trial balloons sent up for alternatives (except for Hoyer, pre-election, maybe).

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