#rsrh Clap if you believe in Olbermann!

I figure that this is staged – mostly because I don’t believe that MSNBC was unaware that Keith Olbermann was making campaign contributions to Democrats before they suspended him without pay – with the objective being getting the netroots up in arms and angrily demanding that the network reinstate their favorite pornographer.  A ratings ploy, in other words.

Either that, or they want to give his timeslot to Alan Grayson.

7 thoughts on “#rsrh Clap if you believe in Olbermann!”

  1. Now Keith can play the part he has been longing for – the victim. Born a white man, he didn’t bargain for this incredible opportunity. His alternate plan was to run over to Fox, pull a gun and get tasered, but he didn’t really have the stomach for that. This works out quite well.

  2. I dunno. One theory I’ve heard is this gives them the opportunity to cut a massive salary that wasn’t pulling in the ratings to justify it.

  3. Or it could be that GE has been putting all its eggs in the Democratic basket for years only to find out that those investments just cratered. Could it be that sacking Olbermann is prelude to MSNBC moving to the right so that GE can keep that sweet government cash flowing from a Republican House? After all, if I’m new to the Republican Congress I’m already looking through the budget to find ways to cut off the cash flow to MSNBC’s parent. Could this be a pre-emptive move on GE’s part?

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