#rsrh Israel: rogue state.

Gabriel Latner makes the case.

Via Jen Rubin.

PS: I am feeling a bit ‘roguish’ myself, in a somewhat different manner: so in case you were about to fly off the handle at me without clicking a link first then please note from the article:

The Irish Independent has called Mr. Latner’s speech “the most brilliantly audacious defence of Israel since Moses parted the Red Sea.”

One thought on “#rsrh Israel: rogue state.”

  1. They got all butt hurt about it too. They banned Mr Latner from the Cambridge Union. Before he went up he said to Ms Booth (in private mind you) “I’m going to f*ing nail you to the wall.”

    That, according to the CU President was deemed ‘sexual harassment’. Of course all this was after the speech was delivered so smacks of retaliation. For all intents and purposes Mr Latner proved for his side that Israel was indeed a ‘rogue’ state.

    He was brilliant, and Ms Booth was petty. Small people normally are when the light of reason shows their inadequacy.

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