#rsrh QotD, Shoot-the-messenger edition.

While going through Ben Smith’s law blogger roundup of THAT WOMAN vs. Gawker (short version: Gawker is kind of hosed*) I came across this bit of misdirected exasperation on William McGeveran’s part:

…if you are sick of hearing Sarah Palin decry the arrogance of the media that covers her, then you’d rather deny her the satisfaction of being right.

I think that it’s just the tiniest bit uncouth to be blaming the victim for this, Mr. McGeveran?  Blame Gawker, blame the abusers of fair use, heck, blame the media/liberal/Democratic crusade if you like.   But I don’t see exactly what THAT WOMAN did wrong here.

Besides exist, of course.

Moe Lane

*They probably didn’t help matters much by taunting THAT WOMAN with links to… sites that proved her point, actually.

One thought on “#rsrh QotD, Shoot-the-messenger edition.”

  1. Gawker just can’t flaunt the law, I guess!

    I love the fact that Gov. Sarah Palin drives libs MAD! Like crazy mad. There are NO rules for anyone who attacks Gov. Sarah Palin, or her family.

    Her daughter, Bristol, according to comments in the blogosphere should be (instead of being on DWTS) out lecturing kids about celibacy. Sarah Palin should be out there crying about her terrible failure as a parent.

    Meanwhile, on the lib side: it’s ok for all of us to be gang raped by the TSA in the name of security, and it’s ok for women to murder their babies in the womb (and in fact, Gov. Palin was WRONG to have Trig because, he’s not, you know, normal).

    Oh, and it’s ok if an author who is working on a hit job about you to move in right next door.

    It is so refreshing to see someone like Gov. Palin! She is not the perfect and infallible person that all libs are. She is one of us. What a class act.

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