Finished Dead or Alive this weekend.

The latest Tom Clancy – and I hadn’t noticed until I actually had the book that it had ‘With Grant Blackwood’ in the title.  Anyway, at 950 pages Dead or Alive is a honking big book… and it probably should have been cut up into three separate books of about 275 pages each.  And I don’t mean just hacking up the book into three roughly identical pieces and rebinding them, either.  There were three simultaneous plotlines going on (military, political, espionage).  Each plot needed its own book.  Done right, it would have been highly innovative.

As to the book itself: for 950 pages it wasn’t a bad read – but watching Clancy have to contort more and more around the alternate timeline of the Jack Ryan universe is kind of weird.

One thought on “Finished Dead or Alive this weekend.”

  1. I’m waiting on the Kindle edition price drop, $15 for an ebook is just too much and I really have no more space for dead tree edition books. Although if I see the remaindered one in 6 months before that happens I’ll probably pick it up then give it away when I’m done.

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