#rsrh What? Of course Commies are unpatriotic…

[UPDATE] Welcome, Instapundit readers: also, to quote a (Democratic) friend of mine, when it comes to whether it’s stupid-or-evil to quote Stalin… embrace the healing power of ‘and,’ my brothers and sisters.

pretty much by definition.  Communism is by its nature an international movement that rejects the fostering and nurturing of individual national identities in favor of some nebulous transnational ‘class’ struggle: there is no place in the orthodox version of the faith for anything less than eventual world revolution.  Although I suppose that you could decide that only a particular racial/ethnic/political group deserved the dubious benefits of Marxism-Leninism: thus creating a sort of national socialism…

…Oh. Right.  Commies hate being reminded of that little detail of 20th Century history.  Anyway, here’s the video of the Russians looking at Communism in NYC; I admit some admiration at the sight (or more accurately, non-sound) of the cameramen not breaking down in helpless laughter throughout.

Moe Lane

PS: Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people – and, believe me: if you’ve got books by Stalin in your library and you’re using those books to look for ideas… yes, you are a stupid person.

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  1. It is for stupid and unsophisticated people. It is a non-colocated feedback embedded in a distributed parameter system which, as every graduate controls theory student knows, gives rise to right-half plane zeros which can only be stabilized with a limited bandwidth (i.e., it is necessarily sluggish and unresponsive).

  2. They aren’t necessarily stupid… they could be evil, instead. Or both, of course.

    And there is the occasional case of truly extreme naivete.

  3. In a democratic, capitalist society you can talk about the virtues (or lack thereof) of communism. I wonder if you can talk about the virtues of capitalism in a totalitarian, communist society? Where are the individualist philosophers in Burma, North Korea and Cuba? Oh, wait, forget I asked that question.

  4. My comment, which isn’t appearing, was on the level. It’s quite factual. No joke. It is the technical reason centralized planning never works out well.

  5. Socialism is the fraudulent bargain that we each can live at the expense of others if only they would allow it. Christians should know which of the Ten Commandments they will violate when they assume they have the right to seize the wealth of others to redistribute.

    But it goes deeper than that. Economist Joseph Salerno in his essay, Postscript: Why a Socialist Economy is “Impossible” quoted where Ludwig von Mises “demonstrates, once and forever, that, under socialist central planning, there are no means of economic calculation and that, therefore, socialist economy itself is “impossible” –not just inefficient or less innovative or conducted without benefit of decentralized knowledge, but really and truly and literally impossible.”

    Having central planning attempt to manage an economy is like trying to measure the height of the waves in a lake from a power boat circling in its own wake. Worse, while one central planning committee is pondering rule making and setting levels of benefits and subsidies, it must do so even though other central planners down the street have introduced their own economic distortions due to previous government intrusions.

    Even though many people know this deep down inside, I think is a lack of faith in liberty and in other people that induces them to keep returning to using socialism to attempt to solve life’s problems. Yet as Mark Levin points out, it never has worked, and as Salarno and Mises prove, it never can work.

    And on its way to not working, everyone who finds themselves under the control of the ruling elite suffer misery, suffering and death. The only people who support such a system are those who cling to the hope it will allow them to live at the expense of others, and in the end, like in Cambodia after the Killing Fields were exhausted, there are no “others” left.

  6. I swear to God I’m not coming back to this site if you ever do that again. I mean, really, you completely blind sided me with that link. Now I have to go take a shower AND apply a load of brain bleach.
    They say ignorance is bliss and I really want to remain ignorant of the fact that people as blindingly stupid as that can survive past the age of 5.
    Now I get to be depressed the rest of the day that I have to breath the same air as those things.

  7. TO: Moe Lane, et al.
    RE: I Like the Way….

    ….Reagan put it….

    How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.


    [Lenin’s grave is a Communist Plot.]

  8. What cracks me up is the communist professor mentioning systemic failures in Capitalism. Well so far there haven’t been millions killed as under Communism so Capitalism has that going for it, and a wise-guy might suggest that the systematic failures under Capitalism almost all look remarkably Socialist.

  9. No problem, Moe. It’s exactly what theBuckWheat said, only his is more user friendly for the broader range of readers.

  10. Well, not exactly what theBuckWheat said. Socialist economies are possible, if the central planners make small enough moves that they can still discern what is going on independently of their actions. Like the power boat analogy – you can still measure the waves if you use a fishing boat.

    But, that is what precludes any stable centrally planned economy from being anything but sluggish and unresponsive. If you push too hard from above, you destabilize it.

  11. Note that in the video, nearly everyone is either very young or very old. Warmed over hippies and kids with the passion of youth who still think they’re thinking original thoughts. Personally, I think people should be communists when they’re 18. If they’re still communists when they’re 25, then they’re stupid and/or evil.

  12. What these people need is a little “Marxist-style” guerrilla theater.

    Run in, dump some blood (red paint) over the place, chant “100 million murdered! 100 million murdered!”, and make sure the media is there to cover it.

  13. Communism is an ideology which advocated the absolute rule of what they would call “the intellectual” class. It’s actually an argument to give absolute power to the most ruthless, value-less and power hungry people in a society. Based on “were doing it all for you”.

  14. I’ve actually been to this place. Mat Maneri was playing with an old Jewish pianist (can’t think of his name at the moment). The Brecht Forum invited them for some reason. The funny thing is the pianist (while swigging from a large bottle of whiskey I guess he needed) started talking smack about their political nonsense. It was amusing to say the least.
    In the video it’s said that the group is nonviolent. Maybe so, but you wouldn’t know it from the posters and pamphlets they have everywhere. The pianist really didn’t like the anti-Israel garbage on the walls. At least the beer was really cheap.

  15. As a control systems engineer myself, I resemble that remark about spam. Yeah, what Bart said was straight up. Let me translate it into English. The only way to make government economy work is with an iron fist, which tends to weigh the economy down.

  16. That Documentary can be found online by googling The Soviet Story. It’s incredibly horrible what Socialism Marxism did to tens of millions of human beings.

  17. For aspiring genocidal dictators everywhere, Stalin is full of useful ideas. Saddam Hussein kept a whole bookcase full of works by and about Josef Stalin, and applied Stalin’s terror methods with brutal efficiency.

  18. But you’ve got to admire communists (by “admire”, I mean laugh at.) They are not only stupid but persistently stupid; centuries of failure mean nothing. The rubble of numerous ruined countries and the graves of millions slain mean nothing. Communism is still the only “fair” way of doing things to their Marx-addled little minds. Reality is just another bourgeious plot.

  19. Good on you, Larry! Thanks for the translation. Take away the iron fist (increase the bandwidth), and you end up like Gorbachev.

    Moe – the reason I stated it like that was that socialists like to make out like they’ve got science and rationality on their side. They don’t. Not even close. Scientific Socialism is an oxymoron.

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