#rsrh Russ *who?*

Wasn’t he the guy that helped pass that blatantly unconstitutional piece of legislation miscalled ‘campaign finance reform?’  So why am I caring what he thinks?

…Yes, I’m joking: removing Russ Feingold from office was one of the single most enjoyable experiences that the Right experienced in the 2010 election cycle, which was a time where we were having a lot of enjoyable experiences.  It was fun, partially because the man was a perfect object lesson in What happens when you try to defend your Obamacare vote; partially because the DOOM started early and just kept rolling; and partially because the netroots really, really didn’t enjoy losing that one.  Mind you, they didn’t enjoy losing Wisconsin in general – that’s supposed to be “their” part of the Midwest – but watching Mr.-What-part-of-“Congress-shall-make-no-law”-didn’t-I-understand? lose to Ron Johnson was the veritable frosting on the veritable cake.

If you’re wondering why I’m linking this article, well, it’s because there’s bad news in there: in it Russ Feingold admits that he doesn’t currently have the guts to challenge Barack Obama for the 2012 nomination.  (shrug) Progressive Democratic politicians.  Can’t live with them, pass the beer nuts*.

Moe Lane

*Classical reference.