#rsrh Gun-grabbers emulate Quixote.

Word is that the remaining gun-grabbers in Congress are looking to exploit the Tucson shootings by introducing a magazine capacity restriction bill – because, of course, violent paranoid schizophrenics are absolutely legendary for their reflexive tendency to obey the law – which will promptly die in a corner somewhere, crying and alone.

Seriously: this isn’t 2007.  The GOP is in control of the House, and we have precisely zero interest in doing Red District Democrats the favor of giving them anti-gun legislation to vote against.  Wasn’t it fun to have the ability to decide what bills go forward, Rep. Pelosi?  Do you miss the power?  Yes?  Glad to hear it.

Yeah, well, we’ve just had four years’ worth of lessons in Why Being The Minority Party Sucks.  Don’t be surprised that we took notes.

Moe Lane

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