#rsrh Time for another depressing Detroit slideshow.

As my wife put it: “Detroit?  I thought that you were looking at pictures of Poland.”

Nah.  Poland’s embracing a free market economy.

Moe Lane

PS: That’s not a wrecking ball.  Just time.

PPS: This is the result of forty years of one-party, liberal Democratic rule.  Avoid it.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Time for another depressing Detroit slideshow.”

  1. The Packard factory, star of the first few slides, closed in late 1956 after making a few 1957-model cars. However, the machines, spares, and already-made parts were put to good use.

    Sold as scrap, they passed through a series of hands and wound up in the USSR, where they were used to make limousines and luxury sedans for Soviet leaders under the name “Chaika”. Many of the parts will fit, both ways. Khruschev’s limo didn’t just look like a ’57 Packard, it was a ’57 Packard, albeit stretched a bit.

    The episode made good business sense for all parties involved, but seen in retrospect dates the decline of Detroit to more like fifty years than forty.


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