#rsrh DLC’s end?

It is a measure of how comprehensively centrist and moderate Democrats have been marginalized and neutered in their own party that these days the first online reaction to a title like the above would be What, Moe?  There’s not a chance at all that game companies are going to stop offering DownLoadable Content for their game titles.  That’s a stone cold moneymaker for them, that is.

And so it is… but the DLC that I’m actually referencing is the Democratic Leadership Council, which as Jim Geraghty chuckles, has finally fallen to the radiological warfare waged against it by the Daily Kos* and others of its… ilk?  Yes, ‘ilk’ seems appropriate.  Anyway, the DLC’s out of cash and has a shriveled-up, decimated staff – as above, so below, and all that – which means that the group may not survive to the end of, say, CPAC.  That would be marvelous, in fact: we’re already going to be celebrating retaking the House, red-shifting the Senate, routing the Democrats in the Midwest, mopping up the Democrats in the South, breaching the Democrats’ line in the Northeast, and generally retaking critical state legislatures and governments in the very nick of time… so being able to raise a glass in salute of the death rattle** of the iconic Democratic centrist group will just be the proverbial cherry on top.

And even if the DLC does survive a bit longer… well.  There ain’t no such thing as a conservative/moderate Democratic politician, anyway.  Having a zombie group around to hide that… won’t, really.

Moe Lane

*Hey, five years’ worth of paper-cuts… won’t do a blessed thing, actually; but it’s probably uncouth to not play along.

**I’ll use whatever metaphors I please.

4 thoughts on “#rsrh DLC’s end?”

  1. I think Bart Stupak proved beyond a doubt that there was/is no such thing as a moderate Democrat.

  2. Well this should make things easier on the RNC – less competition for the center-left spectrum they want to occupy. Maybe they’ll actually be able to raise money now.

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