#rsrh QotD, It’s Probably a Coincidence edition.

Jon Ziegler, in passing while talking about why Kathleen Parker got canned from her CNN gig (short version: she was intellectually flabby, yet uninteresting) (H/T: Hot Air Headlines):

There is also an interesting secondary element to Parker’s demise which might make media pundits a little more hesitant to attack Sarah Palin. Since the 2008 election, many of [Palin’s] biggest media critics have found themselves out of a job. Keith Olbermann, Rick Sanchez, David Shuster, Alan Colmes, Campbell Brown, John Roberts, Larry King, Harry Smith and Parker are all prominently mentioned in my documentary and all of them have been let go from TV jobs since Obama got elected.

I am pretty sure that it’s a coincidence, or perhaps a situation that’s just developed in parallel: after all, these are all television news/opinion media personalities, and it’s no secret that television news sucks these days.  Which doesn’t mean that the talking head designated as ‘Chris Matthews’ should not, as Jon suggests right after the above quote, be unworried about retaining its position…

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, It’s Probably a Coincidence edition.”

  1. It’s not a coincidence, but it’s a correlation more than cause and effect. As you say, they’re vapid.

  2. To generate revenue, MSNBC should record him being fired in the most ignominious manner possible, and put it on ppv. I expect I’d pony up to watch it at least twice…. but I’m getting to be a mean old curmudgeon… 😀

  3. The concepts of “voting”, “paying”, and “work” are arbitrary divisions of a fluid überdenk. Sitting through a teevee ad is both work and payment — it’s time you’ll never get back and could have expended for something more profitable — and changing the channel is a vote against one presentation and for another. Teevee “personalities” live or die on ratings, and this sort of thing gives me (somewhat slender) hope. Go full moonbat (criticism of Palin or no) and watch the ratings crater, whereupon you’re out of a job. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

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