Tim Kaine should run for VA-SEN.

The word is that Tim Kaine (former governor of Virginia and current head of the DNC) is on the verge of declaring his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Virginia Senator, and I for one support that move thoroughly.  Why?  Well, because of his record.  Below is a chart comparing the number of Democrats (and Democratic-controlled legislatures) at the start of Kaine’s tenure in January 2009 with the number of Democrats now (March 2011):

Jan 2009 Mar 2011
House 256 192
Senate 59 53
Governor 28 20
State Leg. 62 43

That is precisely the kind of campaigning record that I like to see from a Democratic nominee.  Especially the state legislature numbers: the first three categories all had their own dedicated groups entrusted with Embracing The Fail for the Democrats, but the DNC neglected the state houses in a Census year. And goodness gracious, but it showed.  So run, Timmy.  Please.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

One thought on “Tim Kaine should run for VA-SEN.”

  1. But isn’t there any possibility that we can convince him — and the DNC — to stay where he is and keep doing whatever he’s been doing for the next two years?

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