Hi, my name is Moe Lane, and I’m kind of a sadist.


…What do you mean, it’s not on Amazon.com?  How the hell am I supposed to profit on the SAN loss of my readers if there isn’t an Amazon.com link?

Anyway, here’s how this thing came to be (via Hot Air).  14.3 million YT hits, my droogies.  Winning!

4 thoughts on ““Friday.””

  1. One of the advantages to the collapse of civilization will be the loss of auto tune.

  2. Back in the late 80s when I was in college, a friend of mine really liked R.E.M., and was utterly convinced that there was deep meaning in the lyrics to the song ‘Stand’. I contended that it was the stupidest song ever written. So when they came through Austin in late ’89 or early ’90, we went to the concert, and when they got ready to perform it, it was introduced as ‘the stupidest song ever written’. I felt vindicated, and I’ve felt that it stood unchallenged to this day. However, it may, just may, have been surpassed.

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