Al Gore is writing another book.

So sayeth Jimmie Bise of the Sundries Shack.  It’s going to be a prediction of the next decade.  Indirectly, Jimmie references Andrew Malcolm, which leads me to a puzzler: is this comment of Andrew’s funnier?

The publisher describes the upcoming tell-all tome as “an X-rated look at the seamier side of American public life where empty-headed liberal celebrities with hypocritcally huge carbon-footprints and this year’s spouse receive immense sums of money simply for showing up at glitzy ceremonies to exchange meaningless awards.”

The working title is: “A Convenient Truth.”

No, not really.

Or this?

The book was acquired by a new Random House editor, noted talk-show guest Jon Meacham, who recently led the Newsweek print edition into oblivion.

I’m sure that it’ll be fine, though: remember Al’s poetry?  Because I did.

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2 thoughts on “Al Gore is writing another book.”

  1. You are aware that the audio track of that video **must**…absolutely MUST…violate the Geneva Convention? I am fortunate that there was not an icepick handy with which to gouge out my eardrums……..

    1. Thanks! My wife did the flute music; I told her that I just needed a couple of minutes of vaguely-New Age pretentious noodling about, and she delivered.

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