#rsrh Helen Thomas is a bitter, bitter woman.

You know, I’m glad that Helen Thomas still has cognitive function, as revealed in this interview (sent to me via email). Evil, twisted, and yes, anti-Semitic*, but otherwise cognitively functional:

On the Jews’ influence and power: “[The Jews are] using their power, and they have power in every direction…Power over the White House, power over Congress…Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood.  Same thing with the financial markets.  There’s total control…It isn’t the two percent.  It’s real power when you own the White House, when you own these other places in terms of your political persuasion.  Of course they have power.  [To the interviewer] You don’t deny that.  You’re Jewish, aren’t you?”

You see, there’s no point to despising the mentally ill.  Neither is it nice.  After all, the mentally ill can’t help being mentally ill, right? But Thomas can; and so watching her squirm under the consequences of her actions is perfectly justified.  If she doesn’t like being treated as a Bad Person, then she shouldn’t be Bad.

Read the whole article, by the way: apparently, the interviewer flat-out asked Thomas whether or not she was non compos mentis.  A shame that they probably don’t videotape these interviews: I’d pay a buck to see her face when that question came up.  I’d pay more for a montage of the people who are going to be upset by this interview, too; there’s going to be a lot of bitter resentment among the Left-pundit class that they’ll have to tone down their memorials to this woman when she eventually kicks the bucket.  Which should happen in due time, I’m sure.

Moe Lane

*Babbling about international Jewish conspiracies is, as they say, diagnostic.

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