Darned *straight*, Glenn.

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People like Andrew Sullivan were dumb rubes to actually believe that any functional candidate for President would actually believe in the progressive anti-war strategy (let alone implement it, once they were in office), and you told them so.  Heck, I told them so – admittedly, when I wrote that it was before the financial meltdown turned what had been a moderately tough election campaign cycle for the GOP into an impossible one, thus making it unnecessary at the time for the then-Senator to actually address his mendacious pandering to the anti-war movement with regard to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  But the Right blogosphere knew that “All Barack Obama Statements Come With an Expiration Date. All Of Them” right from the start, and we were not shy about saying so.  If the rubes over on the anti-war Left are now upset about that, well, they should try voting sober next time.

And since we’re bringing up uncomfortable truths, let me add this one: we were right on the war, rubes, and you were not.

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PS: Lest this turn into a lovefest for the President, let me remind you of something else: Barack Obama is bad at this, mostly because it takes him far too long to come up with a response in a crisis.

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  1. It’s only Sunday, and already I can tell that this is the greatest thing I’m going to read this calendar week. Well, nuts…all downhill from here…

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  3. All of Obama’s promises come with an expiration date? Surely he intends to keep the one about higher gas prices – right?

  4. obama and his ilk are either clueless or right on his strategy to bring the USA to an economical halt. this hit on lybia is very costly, supposedly money that we don’t have.

    either way, he needs to be held back until 2012 and we, as american people, will show him the door.

  5. If one wanted to be all tinfoil-hatted about this, one could merely note the attack on Libya as another move in Obama’s continued effort to drive up gasoline prices. For our own good, of course. The fact that it also benefits his Secret Master George Soros is purely incidental, wink wink nudge nudge.

  6. Of course it takes Obama a long time to come up with a decision in a crisis. He has no experience making decisions. He has no training in crisis management or decision making, or in management of any kind. He has never had to analyze complex factors, on the fly. He doesn’t even know the basic elements of decision making. He has never had to. He has never done anything, produced anything, created anything besides his own personal mythology, never had a real job. Virtually everyone any of us knows has accomplished more in their careers than Obama had by age 48 when he was elected President. How could it possibly be otherwise?

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